For most of 2009, I was involved "Sammy & Sue: GreenWorld," an MMO prototype by InWorld Studios based on a licensed children's property.

In it, players engage in games and activities which promote a healthy and green lifestyle. The game was to be aimed at the 5-10 age group.

When I joined the team, it was very early in the critical prototype phase. A very small team of artists, self included, created an astronomical amount of art in a very short time, and literally made a fully functioning game demo in only 3 months with nothing previously created before our involvement.

The great thing about working on such a small team is that you get the opportunity to wear many hats. In addition to environment art, I made characters (and rig/skin/animate them), vehicles, and clothing items.

With permission from InWorld Studios, the video and screenshots to the right depict my work on the project.